Air International 1983-10
??? - Mustang ... The Willing Warhorse /Warbirds/ (2)
По ленд-лизу Королевские ВВС получили 274 самолета P-51B и 636 P-51C, где они обозначались как Mustang Mk III. Этот самолет, вооруженный ракетами, оснащен "фонарем Малколма", который обеспечивает лучший обзор.
In RAF service, this Mustang II shows the bulged Malcolm hood adopted as a post-delivery modification, and an unusual two-by-two arrangement of underwing RPs
A Mustang III as delivered to the UK, with original canopy.
Serving with No 61 Operational Training Unit, late in the war, this Mustang III displays a small dorsal fin fitted retrospectively after its adoption on the P-51D.
One of the two P-51s converted to Merlin-engined XP-51B prototypes by North American;
A North American P-51C, serial 42-103222, showing that this Dallas-built variant was externally identical with the Inglewood (Los Angeles)-built P-51B.
A P-51B-5-NA, in the earlier overall drab finish, with 75-US gal (284-l) drop tanks, serving with the Ninth Air Force’s 355th FS, 354th FG.
A P-51B-15-NA of the 334th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group, serving in the UK with the Eighth Air Force.
The first of the lightweight Mustangs, XP-51G 43-43332 with Packard-built V-1650-7 engine
The first of two XP-51Js, with Allison V-1710-119 engine and dorsal fin.
This P-51D (44-14017), subsequently fitted with a P-51H style fin, was redesignated post-war as an ETF-51D.
The P-51D-5-NA "Cripes A’Mighty 3rd", with invasion stripes, serving with the 487th Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group at Chievres, Belgium, in 1945.
On test in the UK as TK589, this P-51D-5-NA was transferred from the USAAF for evaluation; its original USAAF serial, 44-13332, has been only partially removed.
The first P-51D was a conversion of a P-51B, serial 43-12102, with cut-down rear fuselage.
The first P-51H, with single, rather than twin, aerial mast, short fin and original D style canopy.
An early production P-51D, 44-13254, before introduction of the dorsal fin.
Serving with No 112 Squadron, RAF, in Italy in 1945, these Mustang IVs carried the Sharkmouth marking that the same unit's Kittyhawks had displayed in the Western desert.
Mustang IV KM 182 serving with No 239 Wing in Italy in 1946.
A TP-51D modification, with two seats in tandem beneath the standard canopy. A later batch of TP-51Ds had enlarged hoods.
Photographed in China, these P-51D-5-NTs were serving with the 529th Fighter Squadron, 311th Fighter Group.
North American P-51D Mustang
The first Rolls-Royce Mustang X conversion, with Merlin 65 installation.
The first Rolls-Royce Mustang X conversion, with Merlin 65 installation and with the nose intake lines revised after early flight testing.
One of the other Rolls-Royce conversions of P-51s to Mustang X configuration - AM203.