Aeroplane Monthly 1986-08
Personal album
D.H.9A E890 on its back at Abu Sueir, Egypt. The aircraft was serving with 4 FTS at the time of its crash.
Bristol Fighter H1453 in Iraq during 1924. Note the unusual “6 Squadron" motif on the fuselage side, and the squadron leader's pennant on the fin.
Although the original caption to this picture of Avro 504K H2367 states that it was serving with 216 Sqn's Communication Flight, it bears the fuselage markings of aircraft No 5 of D Flight, 4 FTS at Abu Sueir.
A D.H.10 of 216 Sqn, probably photographed at Heliopolis in 1922. Note the diamond and stripe on the nose. No 216 Sqn acquired its first D.H. 10s in December 1919, and became the last RAF squadron to use the type. The aircraft were employed on the desert airmail route from Cairo to Karachi.
Airco D.H.10 K7847 under guard at Heliopolis, Cairo after losing its undercarriage. This aircraft presumably belonged to 216 Sqn, which used the type until 1923.
A short break from removing a Napier Lion engine from a crashed Vickers Vernon transport. Vernons served with Nos 45 and 70 Sqns in Iraq from 1922 until 1927, when the type was superseded by the Victoria.