Aeroplane Monthly 1987-07
??? - Forties Favourites (3)
Stirling I W7444 MG-G of 7 Sqn being bombed up at RAF Oakington in 1941. The type's maximum bomb load was 18,000lb.
Stirling Is of 1651 Conversion Unit. The one nearest the camera aircraft, N6069, failed to return from a raid on Hamburg on July 29, 1942.
The Stirling’s huge and complicated undercarriage is shown in the view of W7459. This particular aircraft served with Nos 149, 214 and 218 Sqns, 1651 Conversion Unit and Nos 26 and 214 Conversion Flights.
Stirling III BF509 also served with 149 Sqn.
Stirling OJ-N of 149 Sqn shows off the type's comparatively stubby wings, which provided good manoeuvrability but poor high-altitude performance - its service ceiling was only 17,000ft.
The flight deck of a 7 Sqn Stirling. The first pilot, seated on the left, had the benefit of armour plate protection.
The Short Stirling (Four 1,600 h.p. Bristol Hercules engines)