Aeroplane Monthly 1987-08
??? - Forties Favourites (4)
Hawker test pilot Bill Humble flying Hawker Tempest V JN729, the first production aircraft. Although the aircraft was first flown in June 1943, this photograph of it remained censored until October the following year.
Another view of production Tempest V JN729, one of 800 Mk Vs built between June 1943 and August 1945. The Tempest V was the only variant to see service during World War Two.
Another view of Invasion-striped Tempest V JN802.
One of a pair of auxiliary tanks on Tempest V EJ585, which enabled the fighter's range to be increased from 740 miles to 1,530 miles.
Another view of Tempest V JN802 with Philip Lucas at the controls.
Tempest V JN802 baring its underside in the hands of Hawker chief test pilot Philip Lucas.
Close-up of the Tempest Vs Napier Sabre engine with its de Havilland constant-speed four-bladed propeller.
The Hawker Tempest. (One 2,400 h.p. Napier Sabre IIB engine)