Aeroplane Monthly 1987-08
D.Stapleton - "No blame attaches..." (1)
A strike against the Leone by Blenheims of 203 Sqn on April 1 found the destroyer already sunk, and with its lifeboats abandoned.
Vickers Wellesley L2645 served with 47 Sqn, one of two Sudan-based Wellesley units pitted against the Italian destroyer flotillas. Photographed in 1942 at St Jean, Palestine.
Fairey Swordfish, seen here in company with Blackburn Skuas, remained in service throughout the war. Swordfish from Nos 813 and 824 Sqns FAA took part in the action described here.
A torpedo being loaded onto a Fleet Air Arm Swordfish early in the war. The aircraft could carry an 18in, 1,610lb torpedo, a 1,500lb mine or the same weight of bombs.