Aeroplane Monthly 1987-08
D.Prince - The Lindbergh spirit
The fuselage of Lindbergh's Ryan emerges from the factory front door.
Probably the world's most famous aeroplane - Lindbergh's Ryan NYP Spirit of St Louis, with Lindbergh at the controls during an early test flight from San Diego in May 1927.
Friendly rivals - before the Atlantic flight. Lindbergh, left, with Cdr Richard Byrd and Clarence Chamberlin on May 13, 1927.
This curious photograph, with Lindbergh standing in the centre of the bottom row, was probably taken to illustrate the weight of fuel carried on the Atlantic flight (450 US gal). The barrels of fuel provide the platform for the human pyramid.
The fish cannery factory where early Ryan aircraft were assembled.
The NYP one-piece wing being lowered from the second floor factory.
Towing the fuselage to the Dutch Flats flying field.
Созданный на базе M-1, самолет NYP был построен менее чем за два месяца и обошелся всего в 6 000 долларов. Чарльз Линдберг выбрал машину компании "Ryan", так как у него не хватало средств на покупку самолета фирмы "Bellanca".
Моноплан Линдберга "Spirit of St. Louis", построенный фирмой "Ryan", вмещал 1609 л топлива, находившегося в носовом, крыльевых и фюзеляжном топливных баках.
Lindbergh 's Ryan NYP was tested from April 28 to May 9, 1927 at San Diego, California. Before the Atlantic flight the NYP broke two records flying from San Diego, first to St Louis and then to New York.