Aeroplane Monthly 1987-08
M.Hardy - 1950 RAF display (2)
Two views of the Dakota C.4/Waco CG-4A-CM Hadrian snatch pick-up combination. Dakota KN641 is about to tow the Waco from a standing start.
A convincing demonstration of a rocket attack by a de Havilland Vampire.
The Vampire aerobatic team put up by 54 Squadron.
Wg Cdr Roland Beamont demonstrating the Canberra B.I, VN850.
Meteor NF.11 WA546, fitted with AI Mk X radar in the nose, flown by Sqn Ldr J. Lancaster. This NF.11 prototype was never delivered to the RAF.
Sqn Ldr T. S. “Wimpey” Wade flying the Hawker P.1081, VX279.
Hornet FR.3s of Nos 19, 14, 64 and 65 Sqns formed the second part of the mass flypast.
An unexpected visitor in the static park was General Aircraft Hamilcar C.1 RR942.
A Hastings places 20 containers with pinpoint accuracy from a few hundred feet.