Air Enthusiast 1971-10
??? - "Bronco": The Willing Workhorse
Various colour schemes have been adopted for OV-10s. The US Navy aircraft, borrowed from the USMC, make use of an overall field green scheme, with gull grey undersurfaces and a white top wing surface, to aid visibility from the air when the aircraft is operating low down in the forward air controller role.
Various colour schemes have been adopted for OV-10s. The US Marine Corps scheme is similar to the US NAVY but the upper wing surface carries a white panel bordered by olive, and there is also a white panel on the lop tailplane surface.
A USAF OV-10A with armament of four machine guns only
Rockwell International OV-10B(Z) for the Federal German government, with overwing turbojet engine
The US Marine Corps is testing two YOV-10Ds as Night Observation/Gunship Systems, with ventral turret and infra-red sensors in the extended nose. This picture shows the flying mock-up of the new model, based on a YOV-10A.
A US Marine Corps aircraft with rocket pods on the stub wings.
To meet a German requirement for target tugs, North American Rockwell developed this jet-boosted version of the Bronco, with a J85 engine pod-mounted above the fuselage.
The intake can be covered when the engine is not in use.