Air Pictorial 1991-10
K.Wixey - Mustang the Magnificient
Mustang I XV-E of No 2 Army Co operation (AC) Squadron, circa 1942.
Powered by a 1,380hp Packard-built Rolls-Royce Merlin, this is the first production Mustang P-51B.
The final operational version of the Mustang to enter USAAF service was the tall-finned P-51H. Based on the lightweight XP-51F, the P-51H had a 1,380hp Packard Merlin, a longer fuselage and a taller fin and rudder. Seen here is 44-64192, being 13th production machine, in USAF service
Modified to racing standard, P-51H N70QF carries a stylish No 34 racing number and is named Miss Foxy Lady.
With long-range tanks and rocket rails, USAF F-51D 44-73717, Lady Ginger, was in service during the Korean War period.
Seen here, in 1967, is the F-82 Twin Mustang 44-65168, Betty Jo, as preserved by the USAF Museum