Air Pictorial 1991-10
THE MIG-21 story and picture: Keith A. Saunders pictured that recently made the short road journey from Bolling Air Force Base, situated just three miles south of Washington DC to the Paul E. Garber Facility at Suitland, Maryland has an origin shrouded in mystery. Delivered to Suitland on two low loaders the MIG was assembled in time for the 1991 Open House. Answers by museum staff to questions on the history of the aeroplane were vague only suggesting that it had been supplied by an Air Force source.
Black Six, Werke Nummer 10636 was rolled out at RAF Benson last May. Sgt Rick Brewell recently took this air-to-air photograph of the restored Messerschmitt Bf-109.
J-648 of No. 306 Squadron, one of six Dutch F-16 fighter-bombers which flew into RAF Turnhouse on a daily basis during "Elder Joust"
Демонстратор Bell 230 с лыжным шасси выполняет совместный полет с Bell 212. В спонсонах фюзеляжа находятся топливные баки, однако в варианте с колесным шасси в спонсоны убираются основные опоры.
Bell Helicopters Model 230 made its first flight on 12 August 1991 at the company's commercial manufacturing facility in Quebec, Canada. The new intermediate twin-engined helicopter was developed at the Bell plant in Mirabel, Quebec.
Pilot Officer Dennis Adams in the cockpit of an early production Spitfire Mkl belonging to 611 Squadron. On September 21, 1940, Adams was flying P7323 when he destroyed a Dornier DoY 215 bomber over north Wales.
EI-CFA the first SAAB aircraft to be delivered with a Shorts 360 in the background.
Airbus A320-231 F-6JVE being demonstrated to Britannia.
AS wind tunnel tests of the Citation X begin in Wichita, GSA, the fuselage mock-up makes a tour of Europe. Pictured by David Gearing on the Magee Apron at London-Luton recently is the plastic mock-up demonstrator, in typical seven-seat layout of Cessna's new executive the Model 750. The demonstrator appeared at Gatwick and Heathrow, before touring northern airports.
Work progressing on Avro Vulcan XM594
In a fitting tribute, 20 Hawk T.1 training aircraft of 4 FTS performed a flypast in 50 formation.
Caught in the lens. When this Sopwith Pup flew at Old Warden on 5 August 1991, it sustained some damage on the upper wing when a piece of engine cowling came adrift. Eric Croxon's picture shows the cowling close to the tailfin.
No reflection on the Shuttleworth Collection, whose engineering safety record is undeniably excellent, but we could not resist using yet another picture of Sopwith Pup N5180 shedding its cowling at Old Warden on August 4, 1991. This remarkable shot, sent by a reader who clearly has very quick reactions, shows the damage to the upper wing, with one section of cowling falling away below the axle and another disappearing aft between the port wing rigging wires.
THE first two-seat AMX attack jet manufactured by Embraer, bearing Brazilian military serial A-1 5650, made its maiden flight on 14 August 1991 from the company's facilities in Sao Jose dos Campos.
Framed by the mainframes of a stablemate, G-AFWI, a pre-war Tiger Moth was impressed as BB814 and, subsequent to WWII, was based at Roborough with the Britannia Royal Naval College Flight
Pictured at its new base at White Waltham, Vega Gull G-AEZJ is now flying following rebuild with Cliff Lovell near Salisbury, Wiltshire. The Vega was first registered G-AEZJ in the UK in July 1937 before being exported to Holland. The aircraft arrived in the UK from Sweden in 1987 for restoration, after spending its time in Europe registered PH-ATH, D-IXWD and later SE-ALA.
THIS Ayres TN Rush commander T34 crop sprayer was ferried across the Atlantic using its chemical tank as a long ranger fuel tank! The crop sprayer arrived at Biggin Hill on 30 August 1991 and stayed for a few days before continuing on its ferry flight to the Middle East. The aircraft carrried Iranian marks - masked out - EP-KTA.
No. 111 Squadron Tornado F.3 ZE736 scrambles from its shelter to head for the runway. A few minutes later, it was intercepting an incoming airfield attack
VICKERS Varsity T.1 WL679 made its final and historic flight from the Royal Aerospace Establishment Farnborough on 2 August 1991. Its two hour flight including a number of passes over Hurn Airport. Bournemouth, where the aircraft first flew on 9 September 1953.
Restored to its former glory, Globe Swift G-AHUN using a period registration. From this angle the upward hinging canopy can be seen. This enables both pilots better entry/egress to and from the cockpit.
This view of Globe Swift G-AHUN's cockpit gives a feel for the 'Forties'interior styling, but with added 'Nineties instrumentation.