Air Enthusiast 2007-05
Auster J/5G G-AMZV during trials on the Solent in 1958 with the hydro-ski undercarriage developed by Saunders-Roe
A third example, VF172, was completed for research purposes in 1948. Both RT656 and VF172 ended their days test flying with their manufacturer.
Further to our feature on the Blackburn Firebrand we thought some images of the follow-on B-48 might be of interest. Designed around Specification S28/43 for a carrier-borne strike aircraft to replace the Firebrand TF.5. It was also designated YA.1 and was referred to by the unofficial name of Firecrest. The prototype, RT651 first flew at Leconfield, Yorks, on April 1, 1947, powered by a 2,475hp (1,846kW) Bristol Centaurus 59. The second prototype, RT656, was not completed.