Air Enthusiast 2007-05
N.Follett - Swift Australians /Between the wars/
G-ABTC in the colour scheme carried for the unsuccessful flight to Australia hy Peter Channon. It was extensively covered with sponsor logos for the occasion.
VH-ACG at Bankstown in December 2005.
G-AAZD, the aircraft in which F B Chapman flew as far as India in 1935, in his attempted flight to Australia.
G-ABRE 'somewhere in Australia' after his successful England-Australia flight.
VH-UVC with ‘Mickey Mouse' logo on the fuselage.
VH-ACG in the 1964 Ansett air race, at Parafield, South Australia, 1964.
VH-ACG at Kalgoolie Western Australia, 1965.
VH-ACG, named ‘Marco Polo' and operated by Morris Air Services.
Arthur Butler in the cockpit of G-ABRE.
G-ABWH in the UK, showing its enclosed canopy.
VH-UVC at Moorabbin in 1962.
Arthur Butler in G-ABRE.
The prototype Comper Swift, G-AARX.
VH-UZB at Fishermen's Bend, Victoria, when owned by Fred Betts of Geelong.
Cockpit of VH-ACG at Kalgoolie.