Air Enthusiast 2007-05
G.Bussy - Frustrated Firebrand /Post-war combat/
Blackburn Firebrand TF.IV EK613 'FD-1H' of 813 Squadron, Ford, 1946.
Blackburn Firebrand TF.5 EK849 '101/C'of 813 Squadron, HMS 'Implacable', 1949.
Blackburn Firebrand TF.5 EK609 '100/A' of 813 Squadron, HMS 'Indomitable', 1952.
Blackburn Firebrand TF.5 EK794 '128/J' of 827 Squadron, HMS 'Eagle', 1952.
Superb study of Firebrand TF.IV EK660. This machine met an ignominious end as a catapult trials 'dummy', being 'shot' off the bow of HMS 'Centaur' in 1954.
TF.II DK383 of 708 Squadron. Cannon were not fitted but this photo clearly shows the port leading edge bulge for the torpedo camera, introduced on this variant.
TF.IV EK602, showing the new 'tilting' torpedo carrier. The Mk.IV also had provision for bombs or rockets and had dive-brakes.
TF.5 EK748 showing the leading edge dive­brakes.
Firebrand TF.5 EK689 of 813 Squadron. The aircraft does not seem too damaged. Nevertheless, the quantity of foam used indicates there was a very large fire.
TF.5 EK747 of 813 Squadron with underwing rockets.
TF.5 EK828 of 813 Squadron takes the barrier on 'Implacable'.
Firebrand TF.5s of 813 Squadron, HMS 'Indomitable', 1951. Note that the example nearest the camera carries a rudder with the old camouflage scheme
Lt Cdr Kenneth Lee-White, CO of 813 Squadron. Note the external airspeed indicator fitted to help the pilot during approaches for deck landing.
A 778 Squadron Firebrand TF.IV taking off from HMS ‘Pretoria Castle’, September 1945.
Firebrand TF.III DK373 in 1945. The second TF.III prototype in its final form: with a fully tear drop canopy and larger horn-balanced rudder.
Firebrand TF.5s of 813 Squadron, 1948/1949.
Firebrand TF.5A EK844 in July 1950.
TF.IV EK605, apparently happily flying with its tailwheel deployed.
TF.III DK372 in December 1943 showing the first bid to improve visibility with a modified canopy.
The first prototype Firebrand, F.I DD804.
Second prototype F.I DD810 during carrier trials aboard HMS 'Illustrious', February 10, 1943.
Blackburn Firebrand TF.I
Blackburn Firebrand TF.IV