Granger Archaeopteryx
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1930

Единственный экземпляр
Flight, August 1933

Flight, August 1933


  We have received a few notes and the accompanying illustration of the Archaeopteryx from its keeper, Mr. R. F. T. Granger, which we think will be of interest. The machine is now in its fourth flying year, and, although it has been altered in no essential since its first flight, it has been steadily improved in detail. Last winter a larger petrol tank was fitted giving 2 hours' range, the cowling greatly improved, and the undercarriage cleaned up. This has given an extra 5 m.p.h. speed, bringing the top speed to a little over 95 m.p.h. We believe this to be the highest speed ever attained by any machine fitted with the "Cherub I" engine (24-29 h.p.), though some have been built with little more than half the Archaeopteryx's wing area. It will also perform normal banked turns at 35 m.p.h. A special permit for experimental flying has been granted by the Air Ministry, and the machine is now flying regularly at Tollerton.
The rejuvenated Archaeopteryx in sprightly form during a Shuttleworth display at Old Warden.
The Granger Archaeopteryx of 1930, now flying from Old Warden.
The Archaeopteryx flying from Old Warden after restoration.
The Granger "Archaeopteryx" flying at Nottingham.
THE ARCHAEOPTERYX: An experimental tailless machine which has been flying for some time at Tollerton.
Side and head-on views of the "Archaeopteryx" - an unconventional semi-tailless machine which first appeared in 1930 - in which Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister and Lord Trenchard showed great interest.
Two views of the Archaeopteryx taken at the RAF Flying Club Display at Hatfield on June 15, 1935. Note the tiny prop and bungee undercarriage.
Finished view of the Archaeopteryx, which has been built by Messrs. R. F. and I. Granger, at Nottingham.
After covering and completion in October 1930.
Constructional view of the Archaeopteryx, which has been built by Messrs. R. F. and I. Granger, at Nottingham.
The uncovered but complete Archaeopteryx airframe
Granger Archaeopteryx G-ABXL, built at Nottingham 1926-30 and flown at Hucknall 1930-35, was on view at the Shuttleworth Air Pageant, Old Warden 8/9/68
The Archaeopteryx stripped down at Old Warden.
The cockpit of the Archaeopteryx.