Airspeed Viceroy / AS.8
Airspeed - Viceroy / AS.8 - 1934 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1934

Единственный экземпляр
Специальный вариант AS.6, получивший обозначение AS.8 Viceroy, был построен для участия в воздушной гонке MacRobertson в 1934 году.
NO. 58: The Airspeed A.S.8 (two Siddeley "Cheetah VI") which will be flown by Capt. Stack and Mr. Turner, is similar to the Airspeed "Envoy" in general design, but has more powerful engines.
Эрспид AS.8 "Фицрой" вернулся в Англию, не завершив гонку
ENTER THE "VICEROY": Capt. Stack taxies the Airspeed "Viceroy" (two supercharged "Cheetahs") towards the apron.
FOR THE ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA RACE: Capt. T. N. Stack and Mr. S. L. Turner examining the "Airspeed A.S.8." (2 Siddeley supercharged "Cheetahs") at the makers'works at Portsmouth. The machine is somewhat similar to the "Envoy."
COMPLETE EQUIPMENT: An interior view of Capt. Stack's Airspeed "Viceroy," showing the wireless equipment, the chart table, and, in the pilot's department, the P.B. Automatic Pilot.
ON THE "VICEROY": One of the landing searchlights which are mounted inside the leading edges on the Airspeed "Viceroy." The aperture is transparently covered.
In the Airspeed "Viceroy," or A.S.8, manned by Stack and Tuner, the oil coolers for the Siddeley "Cheetah" VI engines form the leading edge of the cowlings.
The Airspeed "Retractor" undercarriage folds longitudinally <...> the wheel exposed. This was the first British retractile undercarriage on a production aircraft, and is now fitted to the <...> and "Viceroy." The two drawings show the method of <...> undercarriage.