Breguet Br.470 Fulgur
Breguet - Br.470 Fulgur - 1936 - Франция
Страна: Франция
Год: 1936

Единственный экземпляр
Flight, November 1934

Flight, November 1934



Large Civil Machines

   PROBABLY most prominent among the civil machines in the Salon is the large Breguet low-wing monoplane, which is generally regarded as the French answer to the American Douglas or Boeing type of machine. This is not to say that such an answer is definitely intended, but obviously there are lessons to be learnt from every manufacturer's machines, and there is no doubt that the well-streamlined twin-engined low-wing monoplane has gained, in recent years, a first place in the consideration of commercial operators.
   The Breguet 46 T (or "Fulgur" as it is officially designated) is a large all-metal machine with two Gnome-Rhone "Mistral Major" engines giving 880 h.p. each. These are well cowled into the wing, so assisting the attainment of a top speed of 385 km.p.h. (239 m.p.h.). Seating twelve to fourteen passengers in the long, well-lighted cabin, this machine should be comfortable, and, with its ample wing flaps, the landing speed should not be unduly high.
   The retractile undercarriage is particularly robust, with each compression unit in the form of a pair of combined cylinders at the top of the forward struts on either side of the wheels. By means of broken radius rods each wheel is swung upwards and backwards into the space behind and underneath the engine mountings.
The Breguet 470 T12, the sole example of which was acquired by the Spanish Republican government and registered EC-AHC is seen at Zurich-Dubendorf airport.
The Breguet Fulgur.
The Breguet Fulgur in the foreground came fifth, averaging 182 m.p.h. Seventh place was secured by the big Bloch 160 in the background.
In the centre of this display is the Breguet 46T as it will look when finished. Two Mistral Major engines of 880 h.p. each are expected to give it a top speed of 240 m.p.h. In the foreground is the Dewoitine D.511, France's latest and fastest fighter.