Northrop MQM-74 Chukar / NV-105
Страна: США
Год: 1965

Turbojet-powered radio-controlled recoverable target drone
The Northrop BQM-74C, used by the US Navy to simulate cruise missiles.
The reconnaissance version of the Northrop BQM-74C
Northrop MQM-74A Chukar I recoverable target of the US Navy
Northrop MQM-74C target drone 176 Ib (80 kg) st Williams WR24-7 turbojet engine
Northrop MQM-74C target drone (176 lb st WR24-7 turbojet engine)
Northrop MQM-74C Chukar II, improved version of the Chukar ordered by the US Navy
Northrop NV-128 experimental surveillance RPV, modified from the MQM-74A
A Northrop NV-144 high performance subsonic target after launch from a Grumman A-6E.
Prototypes of the Northrop Variable-Speed Training Target (VSTT), evaluated in 1974 by the US Army
Northrop VSTT training target, with towed target beneath each wingtip
The Meteor Gufo system: the control truck and a Gufone drone on its towed launcher
Meteor Gufone tactical surveillance drone on its launcher, towed by a launch truck
Gufo system control truck, with towed launcher and Gufone drone
The Meteor Gufo system: sensor recovery from a Gufone drone
This photograph shows the Gufone's recovery parachute and the airbags which cushion the landing shock
Gufone drone portion of the Gufo reconnaissance system