Jane's All the World Aircraft 1974
02 - RPVs and Targets
First QF-4B drone conversion of a McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom by the US Naval Air Development Center
Rear view of BQM-34E Firebee II supersonic target drone under wing of a DP-2E Neptune launch aircraft. Note the jettisonable ventral fuel pod
Lockheed DC-130E Hercules director aircraft of the US Air Force, carrying Teledyne Ryan BGM-34A strike RPVs, each armed with a Shrike missile and a Mk IV bomb
BGM-34A (Model 234) remotely piloted vehicle, carrying a Maverick missile, on wing pylon of a DC-130E
US Army MQM-34D version of the Firebee I, taking off from ground launch pad with JATO bottle and fitted with Towbee targets for presentation to Chaparral infra-red missiles
MQM-34D/MOD II version of the Teledyne Ryan Firebee I, with General Electric J85 engine and nose intake
Teledyne Ryan 147TE (AQM-34Q) RPV for medium-altitude communications intelligence-gathering. Note the data link antenna on top of the fin and the “mission score” on the fuselage
US Air Force BQM-34F version of the Firebee II, being positioned on ground launcher
Teledyne Ryan 147NC (AQM-34H) drone with ALE-2 underwing chaff-dispensing pods, as used in USAF Combat Angel programme
US Navy BQM-34A Firebee I subsonic target, photographed shortly after separating from launch aircraft
Fuji-built Firebee I remotely-controlled target drone for the JMSDF
Rollout ceremony for the first BGM-34B version of the Teledyne Ryan Model 234, in February 1973.
Remote-controlled BGM-34A launching a Maverick missile under command from carrier aircraft
Pathfinder version of the BGM-34B, fitted with Philco-Ford nose package containing laser designator and LLLTV camera
Currently-identifiable range of drones and RPVs designed by Teledyne Ryan, including 24 members of the Model 147 family
SD.2 Stiletto version of the Beechcraft Model 1072 target, under the wing of a Canberra PR Mk 3 launch aircraft
Boeing YQM-94A Compass Cope B prototype (General Electric J97-GE-100 turbojet engine)
First officially-released three-view drawing of the Teledyne Ryan AQM-91A RPV
E-Systems XQM-93 (L450F) prototype aircraft, in manned configuration
Jindivik target drone, airborne after jettisoning its take-off trolley
MBLE Epervier X-5 surveillance drone on its launcher
Aerospatiale CT.20 drone, with underwing towed target
Meteor P.1 target drone on mobile zero-length launcher
Meteor P.1/R reconnaissance drone (110 hp Meteor Alfa 1 engine)
Dornier System towed target under wing of Beechcraft Model 1001 drone
Display example of the Beechcraft AQM-37A supersonic target drone for the US Navy
Artist's impression of Beechcraft HAST high-altitude supersonic target
Northrop MQM-36 (Shelduck) radio-controlled target drone of the US Navy
Turana target drone, on prototype shipboard (non-Ikara) launcher
GAF Turana target drone on a test flight from the Royal Australian Navy test range at Jervis Bay, NSW
Marchetti Rotormobile electrical flying platform
Dornier Experimental Kiebitz, mounted on a truck used as a mobile ground station
Dornier System Aerodyne E 1 prototype in tethered flight
Northrop MQM-74A Chukar I recoverable target of the US Navy
Meteor Gufone tactical surveillance drone on its launcher, towed by a launch truck
This photograph shows the Gufone's recovery parachute and the airbags which cushion the landing shock
Northrop MQM-74C Chukar II, improved version of the Chukar ordered by the US Navy
AEL4030 training drone;
Short Skyspy remotely-controlled surveillance and general-purpose military vehicle
Beechcraft Model 1092 target drone, a jet-powered development of the Model 1025
Model of the Beechcraft 1089 VSTT variable-speed training target
DSI RPA-12 Sky Eye radio-controlled small RPV (12 hp modified McCulloch 101A engine)
Fairchild sailwing RPV fitted with lightweight jettisonable landing gear and with wings folded
Fairchild Sailwing RPV (13 hp McCulloch engine) with tricycle landing gear attached
Fairchild Black Fly Sail wing RPV in operational configuration
Artist’s impression of the Teledyne Ryan Model 235, designated YQM-98A in the USAF’s Compass Cope programme
Martin Marietta Model 845A medium-altitude surveillance RPV, evaluated in USAF Compass Dwell programme
Hyper III unpowered remotely-piloted research vehicle, built by NASA’s Flight Research Center