Ryan YQM-98 Compass Cope
Страна: США
Год: 1974

Prototype high-altitude long-endurance strategic RPV
Second prototype of the Teledyne Ryan YQM-98A Compass Cope R long-endurance high-altitude strategic RPV
The first Teledyne Ryan YQM-98A Compass Cope R remotely piloted vehicle made a 1hr 48min maiden flight at Edwards AFB on August 17, 1974, reaching an altitude of 25,000ft and a speed of 200 m.p.h.
YQM-98A Compass Cope R photographed during its first flight, 17 July 1974
Artist’s impression of the Teledyne Ryan Model 235, designated YQM-98A in the USAF’s Compass Cope programme
Configuration of Teledyne Ryan Model 275, the proposed production version of the Compass Cope R
Currently-identifiable range of drones and RPVs designed by Teledyne Ryan, including 24 members of the Model 147 family
Teledyne Ryan YQM-98A high-altitude long-endurance strategic RPV