Jane's All the World Aircraft 1974
08 - Addenda
First prototype, nearing completion, of the General Dynamics YF-16 lightweight fighter
Artist's impression of the Model 747SP short-fuselage version of the Boeing 747 four-turbofan transport
First Canberra T.Mk 22 for the Royal Navy, converted from a PR.Mk 7, which flew for the first time on 28 June 1973. Deliveries were completed in 1974
Для нормальной и эффективной работы Ан-30 требуется исключительно хорошая погода - в противном случае аэрофотоаппараты и другая оптико-электронная аппаратура окажутся бесполезными. При хорошей погоде самолет может "отснять" территорию площадью 5000 км2 всего за час.
Antonov An-30 aerial survey development of the An-24 twin-turboprop transport aircraft, with glazed nose and other modifications
Europlane twin-turbofan medium-range QTOL transport (provisional)
EMBRAER EMB-120 twin-turboprop pressurised transport aircraft
Hawker Siddeley 146 four-turbofan short-range transport aircraft
Prototype Phoenix Duet side-by-side two-seat light aircraft
Artist’s impression of RSRA high-speed multipurpose research helicopter under development by Sikorsky for NASA
Prototype of the EAA’s Super Aero Sport aerobatic biplane
AJEP’s British demonstration example of its modified version of the Wittman Tailwind
Transavia PL-12 Airtruk agricultural aircraft built in New Zealand by Barr Brothers Ltd
Prototype of the Bede BD-6 single-seat lightweight homebuilt aircraft
Full-scale mock-up of Bell's Model 409 Advanced Attack Helicopter (AAH)
EMBRAER EMB-210 Formigao enlarged development of the Ipanema agricultural aircraft
Dornier Do 24/72 three-turboprop general-purpose amphibian
Sportavia RF6 Sportsman 2+2-seat light aircraft
Wosika Mohog, an extensively modified homebuilt version of the Evans VP-1 Volksplane
A US-built example of the Fauvel AV.60 Leprechaun, predecessor of the AV.50 (61) Lutin
Brokaw-Jones BJ-520 (285 hp Continental TSIO-520-B engine)
Akaflieg Stuttgart FS-28 Avispa light aircraft (115 hp Lycoming O-235-E2A engine)
CASA-401 four-engined STOL tactical transport aircraft