Hawker PV.3
Hawker - PV.3 - 1934 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1934

Единственный экземпляр
The new Hawker "P.V.3" is a four-gun single-seater fighter with Rolls-Royce "Goshawk" engine. Its performance is said to be "Schneiderish."
One of Recent British Fighters: Hawker P.V.3 (F.7/30).
I-PV3 had obvious relationship to the Fury, was private venture to specification F.7/30 for a four-gun fighter. Flew on 15th June 1934 with 695-h.p. Goshawk III, spanned 34 ft., did 224 m.p.h. at 14,000 ft. at 4,760 lb. loaded weight. Later re-engined with Goshawk B.41 (705 h.p., no wing condensers) which boosted performance to 232 m.p.h. at 15,500 ft. at 4,550 lb. loaded weight.
Hawker Day and Night Fighter (Rolls-Royce "Goshawk" engine).
Developed to meet a requirement for a four-gun day and night fighter, the P.V.3 was overtaken by the Hurricane, only a single prototype being built.
The Hawker PV-3 was a private-venture aircraft designed to Specification F.7/30, which called for a single-seat day interceptor and night fighter with an armament of four Vickers guns and a maximum speed of 250 m.p.h. The PV-3 was the epitome of Hawker’s biplane fighter development and was finally flown on trials in 1935 fitted with a 695 h.p. Rolls-Royce Goshawk engine. The F.7/30 requirement was eventually fulfilled by the Gloster S.S.37 which went into production as the Gladiator.