Isaacs Fury
Isaacs - Fury - 1963 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1963

Single-seat ultra-light biplane, stressed to 9G for aerobatics
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Isaacs Fury and Fury II (UK)
   The original Fury single-seat ultra-light homebuilt aircraft (representing a Hawker Fury fighter of the 1930s) first flew in 1963. The Fury II re-stressed and re-engined version appeared in 1967 and plans are available to amateur constructors.
The second Isaacs Fury, G-AYJY, in the vicinity of Sywell.
Isaacs Fury, a 7/10-scale replica of the Hawker Fury fighter of the 1930's
Tony Francis taking off from Old Warden on April 19, 1976. This, the second Isaacs Fury, took the owner six years to build.
The well known Isaacs Fury II G-AYJY, a welcome visitor at any airshow.
Prototype Isaacs Fury II, with spinner removed, in flight off Land's End
Isaacs Fury II.
The Lohr-Isaacs Fury displays US-style squadron designation in spite of its very British squadron bars.
Isaacs Fury II built by Mr William Marsden of Edmonton, Alberta
First New Zealand-built example of the Isaacs Fury II, built by Mr Barry Thompson and first flown on 26 March 1975