Aeroplane Monthly 1991-07
O.Thetford - On sliver wings (10)
43 Sqn Gamecock I J8037. Pennants were often carried by aircraft flown by squadron commanders.
Although heavily retouched, this view of Gamecock I J8421 shows well the wing markings of 43 Sqn. After less than a month with this unit, J8421 passed to 23 Sqn.
Two 23 Sqn Gamecock Is possibly photographed at RAF Kenley. Nearer the camera is J7914, destroyed when it stalled off a steep turn after taking off from Sutton Bank, Lincs on August 14,1929. Behind is J8406.
Classic Flight photograph of Fg Off Howard Saint DSC, Gloster’s chief test pilot, demonstrating Gloster Gamecock II J7910 in February 1928.
Hooton Air Pageant: Three Gloucester ''Gamecocks" of No.23 (Fighter) Squadron flying past the enclosures in very close formation. They gave a thrilling show of air fighting and aerobatics.
A formation of three 23 Sqn Gamecocks led by J7903 with J7894 nearest the camera. J7903 was lost on November 7, 1929 when it collided with J8409 near Wallington, Surrey.
R.A.F. ITEM: Three R.A.F. Gloster "Gamecocks" flying low in formation. These machines played a prominent part in the Pageant.
Gamecocks J7908, J8090 and J8415 taking part in the Hampshire Air Pageant held at Hamble on May 31, 1928. J8415 collided with Gamecock J8094 over RAF Kenley on March 1 the following year.
43 Sqn Gamecock I J7908. Based at RAF Tangmere, this Gamecock remained with the squadron from April 1926 until June 1928.
A line-up of four 23 Sqn Gamecock Is. Nearest the camera are J8408, J8041 and J8083. The squadron’s eagle badge (an eagle preying on a falcon) may be seen on the fin of J8408.
Gamecock I J8073 of 32 Sqn, RAF Kenley, flown by Fg Off A. H. Montgomery in the Sir Philip Sassoon Cup at RAF Northolt on May 26, 1927.
A delightful photograph of 23 Sqn Gamecock Is. J8082 has just been started with the help of a Hucks starter, which is about to attend to the second aircraft.
"SISKIN" v. "GAMECOCK": The two types represented in the Sassoon Cup: The Gloster "Gamecock" (Bristol "Jupiter") piloted by Sergt. Freeman (Kenley)
Classic Flight photograph of Gamecock I J8409, showing well the 23 Sqn fuselage markings. Sgt Freeman from RAF Kenley takes off from RAF Northolt on May 28, 1929 at the start of the Sassoon Cup race. He came fourth.
Gloster Gamecock squadron colours. Key to sketches: A Gamecock J8407 of 3 Sqn. B J8408 of 17 Sqn. C J8409 of 23 Sqn. D J8081 of 32 Sqn. E J7908 of 43 Sqn.