Aeroplane Monthly 1991-07
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
Norman Macmillan pulls the 68ft 3in-span Saunders Kittiwake off the water on its first flight from Cowes in September 1920.
The last civil Cloud, OK-BAK for CSA.
FOR CZECHOSLOVAKIA: In last week's issue details were given of this Saunders-Roe "Cloud," which has been delivered to a Czechoslovakian operating company. The machine has been purchased so that the harbour at Susak may be used when the hill-surrounded aerodrome cannot be reached in bad weather.
CSA’s Walter Pollux-engined Cloud at SuSak on the Adriatic coast of Yugoslavia while operating a Pressburg (now Bratislava)-SuSak service.
G-ABCJ, the first Saro Cloud, after returning from Canada and being fitted with Napier Rapier engines.
G-ABHG, the second Cloud, originally had three Lynx engines. Here it has Pratt & Whitney Wasps, auxiliary wing, and (not visible) modified tail surfaces. On its bow is the name Flying Amo.
The second Cutty Sark, with Gipsy Ils, went to Australia as VH-UNV. It crashed on April 5, 1938.
Air Service Training’s Genet Major-engined Cutty Sark G-ACDP at Hamble in November 1936 while being used to train Empire Flying-boat crews.
G-ABBC Progress, the Cutty Sark used by British Amphibious Air Lines on the Blackpool - Isle of Man services, in conjunction with Progress buses.
The fourth Cutty Sark as G-AAVX. It went to the Royal Singapore Flying Club as VR-SAA.
KEITH WOODCOCK’S painting shows the Saro Cutty Sark G-AAIP Silver Bat as operated by Kirston and Mace.
G-ABJP at Gibraltar while operating Gibraltar Airways’ services to Tangier. It was named General Godley at the time.
G-ABJP, the second Windhover, with auxiliary wing.
The first Saro Windhover as built. It became ZK-ABW, was fitted with a land undercarriage, and went into service as VH-UPB.
The 58ft-span Saunders A.4 Medina G-EBMG.