Aeroplane Monthly 1991-07
M.Retallack - Hornets over Malaya
An 84 Sqn Brigand arrives at Kuala Lumpur on August 29, 1952, and lines up with two 45 Sqn Hornets. No 84 was taking over responsibility for the operational detachment, with 45 Sqn returning to Tengah. The pilot of the Brigand was Flt Sgt Roy Bowring.
An aerial view of RAF Tengah, with Lincoln and Brigand dispersal in the centre, in August 1952. No 45 Sqn’s dispersal is under the wing and was temporarily out of use during the building of new offices.
Far East Training Squadron (FETS) Hornet F.3 WB885 being flown by Plt Off Stappard in February 1952.
A Hornet strikes. An F Mk.3, WF966 of 45 Squadron FEAF, based at Tengah, Singapore, peels off for a strike against Malayan terrorists in March 1953. It carries two bombs and four rockets and was the last but one of this variant to be built.
On patrol. A flight of 45 Sqn Hornet F.3s flying over typical Malayan jungle terrain in March 1953.
45 Sqn detachment Hornets, armed with bombs, at Kuala Lumpur in July 1952. At that time the squadron’s Hornets had still not been cleared for rockets.
An armourer loading 10lb practice bombs on to Hornet WB912 at RAF Butterworth in May 1952.
The strike leader gives final instructions before taking off from Kuala Lumpur to attack a bandit camp.
Happiness is sitting in a Hornet, between two mighty 2,030 h.p. Rolls-Royce Merlin engines. The author prepares to get airborne in September 1952.