Aeroplane Monthly 1991-07
M.Vines - Sun'n'Fun'n'Floats
The only amphibious DC-3 in the world, flying over Lake Parker. Flown for the first time on floats on September 4, 1990, N13Q arrived from its Greenville, Maine base. The 41ft Edo floats chop about 15 m.p.h. off the 165 m.p.h. cruising speed. The nose wheels are from a North American T-6, and PBY Catalina brakes are used.
Lycoming-engined Grumman Widgeon N3N splashes towards the shore of Lake Parker.
A Piper J-3 Cub.
Republic Seabee N6356K makes a low pass with undercarriage tucked away.
Aeronca Chieftain N3441E.
Curtiss 16E N12380 - note paddle affixed to port float!
A line-up of floatplanes with a Taylorcraft in the foreground and a Maule immediately behind.