Aeroplane Monthly 1991-09
D.Edwards - Flights and frights in the thirties (6)
Blenheim Is L1113, L1108 and L1131 of 62 Sqn photographed in May 1938.
A Bristol Blenheim I of 62 Sqn. L1131 was delivered early in 1938 but went missing on April 4, 1940.
The Blenheim IF, illustrated in service with No 54 OTU in September 1941, was the only RAF night fighter for the first 12 months of WW II. This unidentified Blenheim appears to have passed through the A&AEE at that time.
Two 114 Sqn Blenheim Is seen at RAF Hendon on June 26, 1937. In the background is K7039.
A trio of coastal reconnaissance Anson Is of 220 Sqn. Nearer the camera is K6207, which later served with 206 Sqn, 6 FTS and 2 School of General Reconnaissance before being shipped to Canada in February 1941. K6206 and K6208 are in the background.
This view of a line of RNZAF Vildebeest IIIs gives some idea of the pilot’s lofty position in this torpedo bomber. RNZAF Vildebeests differed from RAF aircraft in that they had folding wings.
Vickers Vildebeest S1710 releases its torpedo onto a target. This aircraft was operated by A Flight at Gosport and later passed to 4 School of Technical Training as 1187M.