Aeroplane Monthly 1991-09
Personal album. Military
Sea-booted Fairey Swordfish K5950 of 825 Sqn. The squadron was sharing HMS Glorious with 802 Sqn at the time - 1938. K5950 was struck off charge in April 1939.
Mr Leslie Hore-Belisha leaves Malta in de Havilland D.H.86B L7696, escorted by Hawker Nimrods of 802 Sqn, on April 22,1938. As Secretary of State for War, Hore-Belisha had spent four days on the island inspecting the various defences.
Hawker Osprey III K4334 of 802 Sqn, taken probably at Hal Far, Malta. Delivered to the RAF during the summer of 1935, it was transferred to Admiralty charge in May 1939.
Two views of Hawker Osprey K3652 being fished out of the drink, presumably by HMS Glorious. This aircraft ended its days after it crashed while alighting at Orkvenica, Yugoslavia on July 29, 1938 - perhaps this is the incident?
Hawker Nimrod K3661 of 802 Sqn. It was delivered to the RAF towards the end of 1934. The type was powered by a 590 h.p. Rolls-Royce Kestrel IIS. No 802 Sqn hung on to theirs until May 1939, the type being declared obsolete in 1941!
A formation of three 802 Sqn Nimrods - K3661, K4627 and S1587. The same three aircraft are depicted right.