Aeroplane Monthly 1991-09
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BSAA Avro York G-AHFE Star Vista was first registered in September 1946 and was withdrawn from use at Stansted in February 1960.
A pleasing view of an anonymous Avro York. The 12 British South American Airways Yorks were delivered in 1946 and operated the company’s Star class service.
BSAA York G-AHFH Star Glitter. When BSAA was wound up in 1949, it passed to BOAC and later to the Lancashire Aircraft Corporation (LAC). In 1952 it flew troops as WW502 and was later operated by Skyways. In 1957 it was sold to Middle East Airlines as OD-ADA.
BSAAC York G-AHFA Star Dale passed to BOAC in 1949 and, after a period with the LAC, was used for trooping in 1952 as WW504. On February 2, 1953, the York was lost in the Atlantic.
BSAA’s Avro York G-AHFC Star Dew passed to BOAC in September 1949 and was subsequently acquired by Lancashire Aircraft Corporation. Later, serialled WW507, it was used for trooping.
British South American Airways' (BSAA) York G-AHFD, Star Mist, later passed to BOAC, Lancashire Aircraft Corporation, Skyways and finally to Middle East Airlines as OD-ADB.
BSAA York G-AHEW Star Leader was delivered in mid-1946 but crashed at Bathurst, Gambia, in September the same year.
Avro York G-AHFB Star Stream later passed to BOAC, Lancashire Aircraft Corporation and Skyways and was scrapped at Luton in April 1964.
The engine instruments of the York were positioned between the duplicated flying instruments.