Air International 2018-07
M.Ayton - Born in the east, made in the south /Military/
If you study the T-50A for long enough it's fairly straightforward to pick-out some of design aspects inherited from the F-16 Fighting Falcon, and yet many of the T-50A's aspects are considerably different to the F-16.
The second of two Lockheed Martin T-50As based at Greenville, South Carolina, TX-2, during a test flight from the facility. It's notable that both Boeing and Lockheed Martin have painted their respective contender aircraft in the current two-tone colour scheme as used by T-38C Talons assigned to Air Education and Training Command.
This nose-on shot clearly shows the T-50A's forward and mid-fuselage form along with the configuration of the side-mounted air inlets. Note also the head-up display in the forward cockpit and the visibility afforded to the pilot in the aft cockpit; an essential aspect for a trainer aircraft.
Assembly work on T-50A TX-2 underway in the Greenville facility. The two bronze-coloured aircraft seen in the background of this shot are T-50 manufacturing test and demonstration models used by the Greenville team to learn and practice final assembly of the aircraft.
A Lockheed Martin crew chief signals the pilot to hold on his brakes while the chocks are pulled from the main wheels of T-50A TX-2 on the Greenville flight line.
Lockheed Martin assembly crews busy working on T-50A aircraft TX-1 and TX-2 on the Greenville assembly line.