Air International 2018-07
M.Ayton - Canada's stylish demo jet /Military/
Topside shot of CF-18A 188776 showing the ribbons, lightning bolts and globe.
Looking resplendent in its bright blue, white, red, and grey paint scheme, Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18A Hornet 188776 was unveiled to the public at 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta on April 3, 2018. The scheme has been applied to the aircraft to mark the 60th anniversary of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).
This shot shows how deceptive the Hornet's mould line is, especially with a fake canopy painted on the underside.
More details of the design, including the titles applied to the flaps, and the maple leaves and stars on the inner face of the vertical stabiliser.
Even with a bright paint scheme, CF-18A 188776 blends in well to the backdrop of a snowy Alberta.
An airman assigned to 1 Air Maintenance Squadron paint team removes covering from the right wing while preparing CF-18 188776 for next stage of painting.
  An airman assigned to 1 Air Maintenance Squadron paint team applies masking tape to the nose of the demo jet during its painting in early March 2018.
  Close-up shot of a partly painted side number.