Air International 2018-07
G.Platt - Dark Falcon /Military/
Belgian Air Force titles are applied to the leading edge flaps.
Senior Captain Stefan 'Vador' Darte closes in on the camera ship. Note how the array of four upper interrogator fuselage mounted antennas in front of the canopy, part of the APX-111 advanced identification friend-or-foe system, remain in the standard grey paint.
Captured against the dark tone of the North Sea, this shot shows most of Dark Falcon's design features. Well done to the Belgian Air Force!
Vortices trail from the smoke generator pods carried on each wing tip station during a photo flight over the North Sea.
The impressive pattern applied to the Dark Falcon's underside will add to the visual effect of the flight display routine.
Vador dispenses flares to add to the impact of this shot; his display routine involves the use of flares, adding a dramatic effect to the blistering flight routine.
On jacks in the paint shop at Florennes, two of the paint team apply masking to the aft fuselage underside.
Interesting shot of the top side painted with black paint showing the first strips of masking tape applied for the grey and white stripes.