Aeroplane Monthly 1974-12
H.Seabrook-Smith - An Anglo-Nordic saga
The Curtiss Wright CW-20 St Louis, used briefly on the service. Originally flown by the USAAF, it was converted to a 24-seater with long range tanks after purchase by BOAC.
This Mosquito Mk.4 was the first civil example, and is seen awaiting delivery to BOAC at Hatfield in 1943. It made the first flight on the Leuchars-Stockholm run on February 4,1943. Mosquitoes were finally withdrawn from this service on November 30, 1944, when those not lost were returned to the RAF.
This Lockheed 18 Lodestar Loch Lesja was lost when it crashed into the sea off Leuchars on December 17, 1943. Most of the Lodestars were acquired by the Norwegian Air Force after the war.
D.H. Mosquito Mk.6 G-AGGF is seen lined up for take-off along the flarepath at Leuchars. It was later destroyed while approaching to land at the same place on August 17, 1943.
An unidentified BOAC Mosquito, showing the red, white and blue underlining of the registration letters, the company's speedbird motif and the fin stripes.
D.H. Mosquito Mk.6 G-AGGD undershot and crashed when making an emergency landing at Sarenas, Sweden on January 3, 1944.
The crew and a special passenger boarding a Mosquito in October 1943. Note the faired-in gun ports beneath the nose.
D.H. Mosquito Mk.6 G-AGGG crashed near Leuchars when returning from Stockholm on October 25, 1943. Five out of the ten BOAC Mosquitoes were lost on this service.