Aeroplane Monthly 1977-08
Designed to meet the requirements of the Brabazon Committee’s Type IV jet transport, ten examples of the D.H.106 were ordered by British Overseas Airways in December 1945. The first Comet, as it was named in December 1947, made a 31min first flight on July 27, 1949, as G-5-1. Later registered G-ALVG, it was powered by four 4,450lb s.t. de Havilland Ghost 50 Mk 1 turbojets.
Westland Lynx HAS.2 XZ232, flying from Yeovilton with 700L Intensive Flying Trials Unit, was photographed on May 5, 1977
A Mistel proposal, whereby the Me 321 would mount one Bf 110 under each wing and a third on its back, above the centresection.
Ormond Haydon-Baillie indulging in some low-level showmanship in his Lockheed T-33 G-OAHB at Duxford in 1974.
A fine AIR PORTRAITS study of Avro Lancaster PA474, taken on May 16 this year. Based at Coningsby with the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, this aircraft is now complete with a mid-upper turret. Built in 1945 as a B1 reconnaissance bomber for Far East Service, it now wears the wartime code letters of 44 Squadron.
Blackburn Beverley XL149 of 84 Squadron, en route to Nairobi on March 9, 1965, has now been scrapped. Its cockpit is displayed at Newark Air Museum.
London University in the air: "echelon stepped up" by the U.L.A.S. in their Tutors.
The Avro Tutors of the University of London Air Squadron were captured by Flight’s photographer during the unit's annual camp, at Halton, in July 1937.