Aeroplane Monthly 1978-06
R.Lindsay - De Havilland Venom, part 1 /Fighters of the fifties/ (19)
Prototype Venom, VV612 which first flew on the 2nd September 1949
Venom NF.51 of F.1 Wing RSAF
The second prototype Venom, VV613, made its maiden flight from Hatfield on July 23, 1950. One notable innovation on the type was the fitment of auxiliary tip tanks, each holding 78gal.
One of two 1,000lb underwing bombs can be seen in this study of Venom FB.I WE255, the first production aircraft, taken in 1951.
Venom FB.I WE283, with rocket rails visible beneath the inboard wing section. Note the elevator mass-balance.
Venom FB.4s and three NF.2as in the Hatfield factory in 1955.
A brace of Venom NF.2’s of No 23 Night Fighter Squadron, photographed in 1954, shortly after entering service. The bars were blue and red.
Venom NF.3 and Sea Venom NF.20, pictured during the 1953 SBAC Show.
Venom NF.2a WL873 of 253 Squadron displays the red, green and white squadron bars on its booms and tip tanks.
Sqn Ldr D. G. L. Heywood, CO of 94 Squadron, 2nd TAF, leads the Venom FB.Is of the unit’s aerobatic team over a loop in 1957. The tanks and squadron bars were red and silver.
The first Venom, VV612, is seen here at the preview of the 1949 SBAC Show at Farnborough on September 6, only a few days after its first flight.
Venom FB.4 of 28 Squadron RAF based at Kai Tak, Hong Kong, which flew the last Venom sortie on the 27th June 1962