Aeroplane Monthly 1978-06
A.Chapman, B.Olsen - Holscher's Heinkel
Capt Molmen in front of the restored aft fuselage.
Heinkel 111 5J+CN as it appeared on August 11, 1973, when examined by members of the Norwegian Aviation Historical Society.
Both of the Heinkel's engines had fallen from their bearings and the undercarriage was crushed. Every Perspex window had to be remoulded.
Inside the fuselage, looking forward from the air gunner's position, with the racks for four bombs visible on each side of the narrow passage to the cockpit.
Bullet holes beneath the cockpit glazing on the starboard side and traces of the original stencilling.
A close-up of the Heinkel's nose provides vivid evidence of the damage inflicted by vandals over the years. The pilot's seat in the foreground was stolen only a couple of weeks before the recovery operation began.
Four Skuas of 801 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, with L2883 second from the left, prepare for take-off.