Air International 1995-09
P.Cooper - Adriatic Patrol
Harrier F/A.2 ZA176/'000' of 801 NAS is seen about to touch down on HMS Illustrious having returned from a four hour CAP mission over Bosnia-Herzegovina. Note the black lettering and code; later aircraft have the 'Royal Navy' title, serial number and code in white.
Having just landed back on board HMS Illustrious Sea Harrier F/A.2 ZD579/‘002’ of 801 NAS is rapidly handled to the aft deck of the vessel to make clearance for other aircraft recoveries - the pilot in this instance is still seated in the cockpit, having returned from a routine CAP mission over Bosnia-Herzegovina.
AIM-9 Sidewinders, and Stingray torpedoes on the forward deck area of HMS Illustrious ready for loading. Sea Harrier F/A.2 XZ455/'001' of 801 NAS is seen beyond in the 'graveyard', an over-run area for aircraft to abort should they have problems during take-off.
A party of Royal Navy personnel, wearing the distinctive (and uncomfortable) immersion suits, board Sea King HAS.6 ZA133/'013/L' of 820 Squadron to go ashore to ‘RNAS Bari’/Bari International Airport.
Sea King AEW.2A XV672/'182/L' of 849 NAS 'B' Flight with its Thorn EMI Search water radar ‘bag’ inflated and extended. Note the unusual application of Royal Navy titles in yellow.
Canadian Forces CH-124 12426 seen visiting 'RNAS Bari' (Bari International Airport) from the ship HMCS Montreal, one of many NATO vessels involved in Operation Sharp Guard. The helicopter carries appropriate Sharp Guard titles and artwork on the engine air intake shroud.