Air Enthusiast 2003-01
R.Uijthoven - Twenty-one worldbeaters
S.14s L-13 and L-20 being prepared for flight while a RNLAF Alouette II gets airborne.
The KLu bought 20 S.14s, L-13 awaits another sortie.
Will L-17 come back to life again?
S.14 L-20 during its days of KLu service.
PH-XIV inside one of Aviodome's storage hangars at Schiphol-Oost.
L-20 is preserved in the RNLAF museum at Soesterberg's Kamp Zeist.
With the S.11 Instructor (right), Fokker was able to offer air forces a package of primary and jet conversion trainers. The S.11 - and the tri-gear S.12 - was a production success, including license manufacture in Brazil and Italy.
The prototype quickly adopted pseudo-KLu colours with the serial 'K-1'.
L-3 proving that while the Machtrainer was underpowered, it was no slouch.
S.14s L-2 and L-3 at altitude.
S.14 PH-XIV spent several years with the NLL, it is illustrated at Schiphol-Oost.
View of the instrument panel of PH-XIV and a part of the roomy cockpit with its ejection seats.
Machtrainer L-18 was displayed at Ypenburg until its demise in 1992.