Air Enthusiast 2003-01
R.Niccoli - David's Deltas (1)
Another F-21A (stecilled on the rear fuselage as F21-A), 999716 in the 'grey' scheme.
Kfir C1 712.
Nesher 501, with Kfir C1 712 to the left.
Kfir C2 874 - note rocket pods.
Complete with alternative noses, Kfir 'RC2' 451.
Kfir C1 999764 in US Marines VMFT-401 markings. The type served as the F-21A.
Kfir TC2 310.
Test-bed TC1 988.
Mirage IIICJ serial 259, of the 'First Fighter Squadron' with 19 'kill' markings on the nose, 1967.
Taking off from Hazor, 498 of the First Fighter Squadron appears to be equipped with 'Universal' recce nose.
Mirage IIICJ '159', complete with 'kill' markings, photographed at the Israeli Defence Air Force Museum at Hatzerim air base during the summer of 2002.
At the end of the operational career of the 'Shahak', some aircraft received the new two-tone grey camouflage. 144 of the 'Negev Squadron', taken probably in 1981. It wears six kill markings on the nose - one Iraqi and five for Syrian or Egypt aircraft.
'Shahak' 259 of the 'First Fighter Squadron', just after the Six Day War, with ten 'kill' markings on the nose. The rudder sports the famous red-white stripe markings, typical of this unit.
'Shahak' 507 of the 'First Fighter Squadron' in three-tone camouflage and wearing two 'kills' on the nose.
No.745 of First Jet Squadron pictured here during an official display after the Six Day War in 1967. It wears three 'kill' markings (one Lebanese and two Iraqi). Seated in the foreground is the then Commander of the Israel Defence Forces, General Isaac Rabin.
'Shahak' 780 of the 'Bat Squadron' taking off. It wears two 'kills' and the metallic livery.
Mirage IIIRJ, serial 799, in the markings of the 'Bat Squadron' equipped with the 'Universal' recce system in the nose. This was probably a disinformation picture - it is more likely that aircraft was 499 of the 'First Fighter Squadron'.
Line-up of 'Shahaks'. At first aircraft carried two-digit serials, but these later were given prefixes including '4', '5', '7' and '9' - eg 507 and 753 here.
Mirage IIIRJ 498 of the 'First Fighter Squadron' taxying at Hazor before an operational mission. It is equipped with a 'Tarmil' recce nose, a supersonic fuel tank, and two AIM-9D Sidewinder missiles, for self-defence.
The famous 'Shahak' 159, wearing its 13 kill markings, taken on delivery at the Hazerim Air Force Museum.
In the early days, the 'Shahak' received a two-digit serial, like 29 of the 'First Jet Squadron', landing at Ramat David air base, probably in 1963. In the background are two Vautours.
Mirage IIICJ 111 of the 'Negev Squadron' in the three-tone camouflage scheme taken while taxying at its home base, at Eitam, probably in 1980. The rudder is blue, with a black-white chevron.
Dassault Mirage IIIC.
Mirage IIIB/D, Mirage IIIE, Mirage IIIR.
Nesher 14, of the 'First Fighter Squadron', probably in 1972.
Mirage III BJ 88 was used as a test-bed for the Nesher programme.
Израильский «Мираж» IIIBJ в легком укрытии. Вторая половина 1970-х гг.
A two-seater 'Shahak' 286 of the 'Negev Squadron' in its shelter at Eitam.
A Mirage IIIBJ of 'Bat Squadron' taking off from Hazor.