Air Pictorial 1955-05
C.Cain - Civil aviation in Israel
One of EL AL's Curtiss Commandos, 4X-ALC. Note that the registration runs down the fin - a practice adopted almost exclusively by U.S. aircraft hitherto.
Two Boeing-Stearman PT-17 Kaydets in a hangar in Israel. They are used for crop-dusting. In the background can be seen a number of Israeli Air Force Spitfire 16s, some of which have now been sold by Israel to Burma.
A Piper PA-18 Super Cub (PA-20 Pacer ???) used by the Israeli Police H.Q. at Tel-Aviv, for liaison duties. The police insignia can be seen on the underside of the wing and on the fuselage. Registration is 4X-AEP.
Two Piper Super Cubs used by the Israel Aero Club.
Still in one piece at Haifa (although engine-less) is this famous Douglas DC-5, VH-ARD, carrying New Holland Airways (Sydney) insignia. On the nose was the name "Bali Clipper".