Aeroplane Monthly 1982-11
B.Gunston - The classic aero engines (3)
A reconditioned Jupiter VIIFP is fitted into the Bulldog G-ABBB in 1961 during the aircraft's restoration to airworthy status.
WINGED WORDS: Hengist, her Civil Air Ensign and Air Mail Pennant fluttering, prepares to take off from Croydon with the first Australian Air Mail.
The four 555 h.p. Bristol Jupiter XFBMs of H.P.42W G-AAXE running sweetly at Croydon on December 21, 1934 prior to Hengist’s departure with the Australian Air Mail.
The Bristol Badger II with a polygonal cowl enclosing its Jupiter II engine.
Short Calcutta G-EBVG was originally powered with three 510 h.p. Bristol Jupiter XIFs, later replaced with Armstrong Siddeley Tiger VIs of 810 h.p.
The Sopwith Schneider seaplane, G-EAKI, powered by a 450 h.p. Cosmos Jupiter and built for the 1919 Schneider Trophy contest.
This much-modified Bristol Type 32B Bullet was originally built as a flying test bed for the 450 h.p. Cosmos (later Bristol) Jupiter radial.