Air International 2007-10
P.Allen - NH90 - Multi-role Maestro /Military/
This photo gives some indication of the size of vehicle that can befitted into the cabin of an NH90.
Forty-six NH90TTHs have been ordered for the Australian Army, which will designate them as MRH90s. This was the first helicopter of the order and took to the air on its maiden flight on March 28.2007. Most of the MRH90s will be built in Brisbane by the Eurocopter subsidiary, Australian Aerospace.
Eurocopter undertook the maiden flight on May 9, 2007 at its facility in Marignane, France, of 'TOMF001', the first NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopter (TTH) for the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO). The 1hr 20min sortie was under the command of Eurocopter test pilot Philippe Boutry, who took the helicopter up to its maximum speed and an altitude of 4,000ft (1,220m). A contract for a total of 20 multi-purpose NH90TTHs was signed between NH Industries and the Sultanate of Oman on July 24, 2004. The helicopters are powered by an enhanced 2,500-2,600shp (1,865-1,940kW| class version of the Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322 engine, adapted to contend with the extreme operating conditions experienced in this region of the Middle East. The RAFO will use the helicopters in a wide variety of military roles, including tactical transport, plus search and rescue.
NHIndustries has designed a helicopter that has accumulated almost 500 firm orders. The NH90 pictured is the first of 20 Tactical Transport Helicopter variants due to be delivered to the Royal Air Force of Oman.
On December 13 last year the first three NH90s were delivered. The initial customer was German Army Aviation, which is due to receive a total of 80 TTHs. These two helicopters, 78+02 and 78+03, were formally handed over at a ceremony at Eurocopter's Donauworth facility. The third example, 78+05, had already departed to Fassberg so that maintenance personnel could be trained on the type.
Pictured is one of the 60 NH90s being acquired by the Italian Army. This photo illustrates the helicopter performing the casualty evacuation role. There is sufficient room in the cabin for 12 stretchers.
Also being produced is the NATO Frigate Helicopter variant, which has been ordered by Belgium, France, Italy, Norway and the Netherlands. It is the same as the TTH variant except that it has different missions systems and sensors for the naval role.
This NH90 is pictured at this year's Paris Air Show and was formally delivered to the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration on June 20, 2007. The second example was handed over on September 6. They are both High Cabin Versions of the TTH, which will allow medical attendants to perform their role in a more spacious environment. It also increases the available cargo volume in the cabin.
NH Industries NH90 TTH
Three-view drawing of NHIndustries NH90 TTH, with additional side views of the NFH and HCV (lower).