Air International 2007-10
F.Visser - Falcons Soar over Chile /Military/
Former Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16AM, J-141, in full Chilean Air Force markings. The F-16s will undertake air defence and air-to-ground missions in Chilean service.
A formation shot of the final six Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16s over the Andes en-route to Chile. They reached their destination, Cerro Moreno Air Base, on June 8, 2007.
For the last leg of the third ferry flight, F-16BM, J-211, had a special sticker applied featuring the image of a Fighting Falcon imposed on the flags of Chile and the Netherlands, and the dates the three batches of aircraft arrived. Lower down on the tail were the words 'Mission Accomplished'. These F-16s are replacing Mirage 5 Elkans operated by 8 Squadron at Cerro Moreno Air Base.
F-16BM, J-656, taxies out at Twenthe Air Base on September 4 last year en route to Chile. The six aircraft which left that day had their rudders painted in Chilean Air Force blue, as they were to be presented to the President soon after arriving in the South American country.
A view from the cockpit of an F-16BM about to be refuelled over Brazil by a KDC-10 en-route to Chile.
Each ferry flight was escorted by a KDC-10 from 334 Squadron, which provided air-to-air refuelling for the F-16s. The tanker is shown making a refuelling stop at Natal in Brazil before continuing on to Salvador.
To carry F-16 spare parts purchased by the Chilean Air Force, a Volga-Dnepr Airlines Il-76 was chartered. The Russian transport aircraft accompanied each delivery flight and is picture at Gando Air Base in the Canary Islands.