Air International 2007-10
M.Ayton - Saudi Tornados in the UK /Military/
Personnel and equipment were transported from Saudi Arabia in KE-3As and C-130s. This KE-3A, 1812, of 18 Squadron based at Riyadh is pictured on September 8, 2007 arriving at Lossiemouth to support the detachment's return to the Middle East.
RAF Lossiemouth was the venue for the first visit for an exercise in the UK by Royal Saudi Air Force fast jets. Eight Tornado IDSs from 75 Sqn at Dhahran AB visited the Scottish air base for Exercise Saudi Green Flag 2007 and were hosted by 617 Sqn.
A 617 Squadron Tornado GR.4 escorts a RSAF Tornado IDS over typically lush Scottish countryside in stark contrast to the desert Kingdom’s normal operating environment. The adverse weather and mountainous terrain presented the RSAF with a challenging flying environment. The DC of 75 Squadron said that while visibility in the air could be 16-25 miles in the UK, the haze found in Saudi Arabia means that visibility is often not greater than 6 miles.
RSAF ground personnel prepare four Tornados for a mission from Lossiemouth. Generally sorties comprised two RAF GR.4s accompanied by two or four Saudi aircraft.