Air International 2007-10
D.Hobbs - Hawker Hunter /Aircraft profile/
Hawker Hunter F.1 WT587/'C' of 43 Squadron based at Leuchars, circa 1954.
Hawker Hunter F.4 WV275/'D' of 4 Squadron, circa 1956.
Hawker Hunter F.5 WP130/'S'of 34 Squadron, February 1956, with markings used during Operation Musketeer.
Hawker Hunter F.6 XF506 of 111 Squadron 'Black Arrows' aerobatic team, circa 1958.
Hawker Hunter FGA.9 XG169/'K' of 208 Squadron, based at Sharjah in the Persian Gulf, circa 1968.
Hawker Hunter FR.10 WW596/'N' of 2 Squadron based at RAF Gutersloh, Germany, circa 1964.
Two rocket-armed FGA.9s, XJ683/'F' and XJ690/'G' of 20 Squadron from RAF Tengah, Singapore, pictured in 1965. Hunters from that unit provided day fighter/ground attack support during the Indonesian/Malaysian confrontation of the early to mid-1960s.
For the Hunter's 50th anniversary in July 2001, GA.11 G-BZPB/WV256 was painted in the same duck-egg green colour scheme and markings as the prototype 'WB188'.
GA.11 XE685/'861' of the Fleet Requirements and Air Direction Unit (FRADU), Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, Somerset. FRADU Hunters were tasked with providing targets, including simulating sea-skimming missiles, for the Royal Navy. XE685 was photographed formating on the wing of one of FRADU’s Dassault Falcon 20s, which replicated the Hunter's 'launch platform'.