Aeroplane Monthly 1985-03
R.Sturtivant - The Navy's spare time fliers (2)
A flypast of Seafires from 1831, 1832 and 1833 Sqns photographed in the autumn of 1948.
Reserve formations: Firefly AS.6 WD871 244/AC from the Southern Air Division in 1953 or 1954.
Firefly T.2 MB752, code 251/BR, of 1844 Sqn at Bramcote in 1954.
1840 Sqn Fairey Firefly AS.6 WH632, coded 211/FD, patrols the English Channel. The squadron equipped with Firefly AS.6s in July 1951.
Supermarine Seafire F.46 LA561 of 1832 Sqn. Seafires served with the unit from July 1947 to May 1953.
Reserve formations: Seafires from Culham.
Reserve formations: Avenger AS.5s of 1844 Sqn, up from Bramcote in 1956 or 1957. The aircraft nearest the camera is XB402, code 895/BR.
De Havilland Sea Vampire T.22 XA130 is shown while on the strength of the Station Flight at Abbotsinch.