Air Enthusiast 1998-09
The last two Spartan ‘Mossies’ to fly in Canada, CF-HMQ and CF-MHL, captured at Uplands on October 28, 1963, shortly after they had been retrieved from Grande Prairie and Lakehead. Each wears the final scheme that included the use of high-visibility DayGlo paint.
One of three Mosquito B.35s shipped from the UK for parts recovery being removed from Uplands Airport in September 1959. The noses of the other two are visible on the original large format negative. The wings were sawn off prior to shipping to Canada.
Detail shot of CF-HML showing the drogue for the HF trailing aerial and the fuel jettison outlet immediately below.
Another view of Martlet NX26874.
A view of G-36A Martlet III AX826, part of the diverted French order within Contract No. F-292.
Walrus L2194 ‘069’ of 711 Squadron coming up the slipway at Kalafrana.
A view of the first Seagull V for the RAAF, A2-1, wearing the Hendon display number ‘11’ under the cockpit. First flown on June 25, 1935 with George Pickering at the controls, A2-1 flew to Hendon on July 1 and took part in both the static and flying display. Following trials it was flown to Spithead for despetach via HMAS ‘Australia’ on September 9.
The prototype Seagull V (Walrus) first wore N-1, but then changed this to N-2 (illustrated) to avoid confusion with a Southampton I bound for Argentina. N-1 was also used by the Vickers Viastra VI, but this was also renumbered to avoid confusion in the Vickers ‘B’ Condition sequence as O-6.