Aeroplane Monthly 1977-04
B.Gunston - Dawn of the jet age
The colour still depicting the Whittle W2/700 installation of W4041 was taken at Farnborough in 1944
Полеты "Пионера" - на большой скорости, без винта - производили большое впечатление на зрителей
The colour plates of the E.28 are taken from colour movie film shot at RAE Farnborough in 1944.
The colour stills depicting the tail surfaces and air intake of W4041 was taken at Farnborough in 1944
The still depicts the W.1 series Whittle engine at the Lutterworth Factory of Power Jets Ltd in 1944.
The Whittle WU in the testing room at Lutterworth, in its ultimate form.
Gloster E.28/39 W4041 at Farnborough in 1944, by which time small auxiliary fins had been added to the tailplanes.
The device visible on the starboard wing trailing edge below is a pitot comb, used to measure dynamic pressure, and hence drag, in flight.
Another view of the powerplant in the airframe.
The three-quarter rear view of W4041 displays its tail bumper and the "G” suffix to the serial, denoting that the aeroplane was to be guarded whilst at dispersal.
The colour still depicting the instrument panel of W4041