Aeroplane Monthly 1979-11
D.Middleton - Airspeed's Silent Warhorse (2)
A Halifax tows off a Horsa of No 295 Squadron (Airborne) in June 1943.
The picture, depicting a Horsa of the 1st Allied Airborne Army en route to Arnhem in September 1944, was taken over the shoulder of a Stirling’s rear gunner by Flight photographer John Yoxall.
A Horsa under tow, as seen from the gunner’s position of an Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle.
A Halifax at minimum airspeed gives a tow to a Horsa.
Another view of a massed Horsa landing during an exercise. Note the full landing flap on the nearest glider.
The massed arrival of Horsa gliders at an airfield “somewhere in England” during a training exercise.
The shot shows the line falling away at the moment of release.