Aeroplane Monthly 1986-05
R.Nesbit - Nimrod patrol
Sharing with 42 Sqn the task of patrolling the North Sea are the Nimrods of 206 Sqn, based at RAF Kinloss. Nimrod MR.2 XV228 of 206 Sqn is seen over an oil rig in the Moray Firth.
Nimrod MR.2 XV229 of 42 Sqn at RAF St Mawgan. Note the open bomb doors and also the Electronic Support Measures (ESM) fairing on the tip of the fin. The Magnetic Anomaly Detector (MAD) is located in the tail.
The flight deck, with copilot Flt Lt Pat Hewitt on the left. The first pilot and captain, Flt Lt Howard Young, is sitting in the right-hand seat. Nearer the camera is the flight engineer, Flt Sgt Al McGraw.
The second navigator, Sqn Ldr Ged Peeke, sits in the “routine" navigator's seat and faces the camera. Roy Nesbit sits in the “tactical" navigator's seat and looks at the superb equipment.
The “wet" digital and display screens, operated by (left to right) M Ae Op Thompson, Sgt Steve Hart and Sgt Martin Tull. They are searching for a mock submarine which has been set on the Airborne Crew Trainer.
The author in unfamiliar surroundings, flying over the oil rigs in the North Sea. In the background is the stowage compartment for the sonobuoys and smoke floats.
The “dry" ESM, operated by Sgt Jeff Howells aboard Nimrod XV229.
The communications system, operated by Sgt Trevor Spencer